The Holy Spirit Navy Strength - 50ml - Trophy Winner

The Holy Spirit Navy Strength - 50ml - Trophy Winner

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Trophy winner best contemporary and naval strength gin 2022 New Zealand Spirits Awards.

First time entered in competition for this Gin and awarded a Double Gold at the NZ Spirit Awards in the Contemporary & Navy Strength Category and followed that up with the Trophy for best overall. Ranked No 1 of the 87 International an New Zealand Gins entered.  


This is our Navy Strength version of The Holy Spirit - we thought the Saffron might shine more at 57% ABV rather than the standard 46% ABV - still very smooth, especially for such a high percentage and the botanicals are very intense. Bottled in 500ml bottles.

The Saffron was sourced from Kiwi Saffron in the deep south and the Pink Peppercorn have been harvested from the Peruvian pepper tree. We actually distilled the saffron with the other botanicals which is why the Gin is perfectly clear (yes it took quite a lot of saffron...)

Tasting notes

In your nose you will get juniper, honey, berries, spice and subtle floral notes.

Very smooth and full mouthfeel, you wouldn’t tell it’s 57% ABV. Explosions of fruit and spice from the pink pepper, supported by juniper, the nectar of the rosemary flowers, spice and a burst of saffron with an exceptional long finish.

Tastes very nice with a touch of tonic.


Macedonian Juniper, Saffron, Pink Peppercorns, Rosemary Flowers, Angelica, Cassia Bark, Liquorice, Poppy Seeds, Cardamon, Nutmeg, Dried Lemonade Lemon Zest and one secret one.

Distillation Notes

This fermentation for this batch started back in March 2022 and was then distilled four times as well as 20 vapour infusion extraction cycles.  It might not make any difference, but we also used Antipodes water in the extraction process instead of filtered water. It could make the gin just that little bit smoother.

As usual, the pure gin was diluted with carbon neutral Antipodes water to achieve 46% ABV.




57% ABV - 50ml (2.2 standard drinks).


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