About the Bottle - Attitude

We fell in love with our bottle to the extent we delayed the launch of Vicar's Son four months to get stock of it. It is called Attitude and is made by Saverglass in France. Saverglass have a reputation for making the best glass bottles in the world. 

It is probably more designed as a Cognac bottle but we loved the shape and the weight of it (about 1.2 kilograms) - until you develop the knack you probably need to hands to pour from it.

We are also really pleased with the printing which has two processes, the Greyhound is etch printed on (you can feel the etch) and then the labels are kiln fired at 500 degrees and melt into the glass - you can't feel the labels at all because they are fused. This work was performed by The Glass Printery.

Then we talked to Malcolm from Wood Garage about a box and he custom designed it for us making sure it was a perfect fit and wouldn't move in transit.

Finally we talked to Honey Trap about using their bees wax to cap the bottles to ensure there is no spillage plus it look's really cool.

All of the above means we can also offer a refill service as the bottle can be used repeatedly and we think it is to good to waste!


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