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Gold Medal Winning Premium New Zealand barley-distilled Gin and Vodka

Welcome to the world's smallest commercial distillery. Each batch of Vicar's Son single malt spirits is hand crafted by us from grain to glass and has a maximum of nine bottles. We zealously undertake each step of the fermenting and distilling process to create completely natural medal winning gin and vodka.

From Grain to Glass from Point Chevalier to the World

Our goal is simply to produce the highest quality small batch gin and vodka possible.

We undertake the entire fermenting and distilling process beginning with sourcing the Barley from Gladfield Malt in Canterbury through to cutting the final spirits with  Antipodes bottled water. Each bottle of gin is distilled with up to 15 botanicals. To give us room to experiment we only produce in very small numbers – each batch is a maximum of nine bottles distilled in our six litre still.

That’s why we sell by the batch, because of the hand-crafted nature of what we do each batch of Gin and Vodka is slightly different. You get to choose your preferred characteristics.

We are also keen on waste minimalisation - the nutrients and spent barley from the fermentation process get fed to either our lemon and lime trees or to the sheep and chicken at a mate’s place. All water used for cooling the stills is recycled - no waste leaves the property. You can also reuse your bottle and box by using our refilling program and further minimise waste (and save money!).

You can choose to purchase one of our custom designed presentation boxes with your gin or vodka.

If you are making a G&T with our Gin please always mix with a quality tonic, we recommend and use Fever Tree Refreshingly Light. Friends don't let friends drink mass produced tonic.

One more thing, you may notice our gin go slightly cloudy in the bottle (especially the citrus based ones)- this is all the botanical oils and esters becoming less soluble the colder the temperature but then clear during the day when it's warmer, it's perfectly natural and it's because we don't chill filter like the big commercial distilleries - we want the flavour to stay in the gin. You can definitely see the effect when you add ice or tonic to your G&T!


This is the best gin I've ever tried.

Scott - Australia

I selected your Gin because of the flavour profile, smoothness and the story that goes with it.

Ed Verner - Head Chef and Owner of Pasture.

Robust balanced. grunty and floral with well cut spirit

NZ Spirit Awards 2021 Judge.

Amazing Juniper Vodka, so smooth! This is something really special. You are an artist.


I was gifted a bottle of this most delicious gin & was SO impressed. The complexity of flavour is perfect & allows the delicate botanicals to shine through the taste buds in the most refreshing way. Beautiful boutique liquor as it should be.



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