Host responsibility policy

Remote off licence (section 40 of the Act)
The Vicar’s Son Gin Ltd
Date last reviewed 25/09/2020
Liquor being sold online only and dispatched to the customer to be consumed off premise (section 40 remote seller)
Staff: Lucie Hrdina, Duty Manager and Director and Stewart Martel, Director both aware of the policy.
We operate within the requirements of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 (the Act), Section 40 remote seller.
The following steps will be taken to minimise the harm from alcohol and promote a safe environment. Our policy is to serve our customers in a friendly, responsible and professional manner.

• It is against the law to serve alcohol to minors (under 18)
• When entering our website, customers will have to tick a box to confirm they’re over 18 years old and that any recipient of the alcohol is also over the age of 18
• Customers will need to tick another box, confirming they’re over 18 prior to confirmation of purchase and that any recipient of the alcohol is also over the age of 18
• If the prospective buyer does not on both occasions declare they are over the age of 18 (and any recipient) we will refuse to sell the alcohol
• We will not be selling alcohol via telephone or mail order

• We have appointed a Duty Manager who will be available at all times during opening hours.

• All staff will be trained both informally (by the Duty Manager) in addition they will successfully complete the online “Serve Wise Host Responsibility course” and one Director, Lucie Hrdina, has completed the LCQ Certification and will apply to be become a Duty Manager.

• Should any questions arise, the Manager will be contacted before dispatching any order.

• Our hours of operations are (9am to 9pm) Monday to Friday and 24/7 for online sales.
• Delivery will not occur between 9pm and 9am or at any time on Good Friday or Christmas Day, or before 1pm on Anzac Day.
• Delivery will not occur on Easter Sunday.
• Delivery will not be made after 9pm the day of the order and before 9am the following day.

• We will not encourage excessive consumption of alcohol
• We will not promote or advertise alcohol that is free of charge
• We will not promote alcohol in any way that is aimed at or is likely to have special appeal to minors
• We will not promote or advertise discounts on alcohol in any way that leads people, or is likely to lead people, to believe that the price is 25% or more below the usual price in the price list

• Our off licence details, including a link to the image of the licence, will be available on our website and within our online portal.
• This host responsibility policy will be on our website.

Thank you
We are proud to be a responsible host and hope that you enjoy our website and product.
Thank you for your support and patronage.
Staff and management
Vicar’s Son Gin Limited


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