Thank You Australia!

We decided to enter the Australian Gin Awards because we wanted to be able to give our Australian customers some assurance that they were not taking to big a risk buying our gin (and if we hadn't won anything, we would just keep quiet and hope no one found out).

Anyhow, we entered three gins, two we have been producing for about six months - the London Dry and Cocoa and Mandarin and one, Ascension, that was brand new and we hadn't released yet but we felt very confident about.

Not so confident though that we actually kept track of when the medals would be announced. Until we saw one of Craft Gin Colleagues announcing they had won Gold on Instagram and we though - f@4k we have missed out.

Then we had a look on line and realised that for an entire day, we were gold medal winners and completely oblivious - around 15% of the 370 gins entered were awarded gold so it's great recognition.

So, Ascension won gold and the London Dry and Cocoa and Mandarin won bronze. We are really happy that all our gins entered won something. We also entered the Design and Packaging and that's announced in November.

The key ingredients for Ascension are Grapefruit Peel, Mandarina Bavaria Hops and Lemon Thyme which gives Ascension it's unique flavour.


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